Transparent Shirt – Photoshop Effect

In this photoshop effect tutorial I will show you how you can create a “see through” transparent T-shirt effect for creative manipulations.

In order to follow this tutorial you need basic understanding of how to work with layers and layer masks and simple selections. I used Photoshop CC to make this but it can be achieved using any Photoshop version.

Stock used in this tutorial

Photoshop effect tutorial – Step by Step

In order to create this photoshop effect you need a model with a white T-shirt preferably because because you will get a better effect when using the Multiply blend mode. Make sure you have a new background like a landscape or something similar because you will be able to judge the effect a lot better.

Place the man over the background and extract the model from it’s original backdrop and name it man.

Photoshop effect - transparent shirt new photoshop tutorials

The next step is to separate the shirt from the model and have it on it’s own layer. Again, the white color will make it easier to make the selections using the Magic Wand Tool or the Quick Selection Tool.

When you have the selection of the shirt right click (while you have any selection tool selected) and choose “Layer Via Cut”. This will crop the T shirt and put it on its own layer, name this layer tshirt. On the image below I moved the t-shirt away for demonstration purpose only, make sure you leave it in it’s original place and link it to the man layer if necessary so you don’t move it accidentally.


Now change the blend mode of the tshirt layer to Multiply and you will see how the t-shirt will look like it became transparent. If it doesn’t, use a Levels adjustment layer to brighten the highlights a bit.  See video for more information.