How to Create an Amazing Watercolor Artwork in Photoshop

Step 23

I add another colorful watercolor texture to the left of model head, in a lower position, change the mode to Multiply 100% and hide unwanted parts with layer mask:


Duplicate this layer and move it to the center of model forehead, use layer mask for it:


Step 24

Make group for this layer as done with branches 2 and change the mode of this group to Multiply 100%. I reduce saturation of them with a Hue/Saturation layer within this group:


Step 25

Open flowers stock. Use Move Tool to drag it onto model forehead. Then on a new layer under flowers one I use soft black brush with opacity about 40-50% to paint under flowers to make shadow for them:


Step 26

I change color of the flowers with a Hue/Saturation layer:


Step 27

Open halftone images pack. I choose one to position at the left of model head, change the mode to Soft Light 100% and hide some parts with layer mask:


I choose a colorful halftone image to situate at the middle of the flowers. I put the mode to Multiply 100% and erase its bottom:


Step 28

I use one from wire frames pack to put to the right of model head and set the mode to Soft Light 100%:


Step 29

Make a new layer on the top. I use soft brush with color #b4ad92 to brighten the top of model head and blend elements there together. Change the mode to Overlay 100%:


Step 30

Open butterflies pack. I choose 3 from them to move into our picture, arrange them as shown below:


Make group for these butterflies and change the mode of this group to Normal 100%. Create a Curves layer within this group to brighten and alter color of butterflies a little:



Step 31

Create some adjustment layers on the top.

Gradient Map:


Set this Gradient Map layer to Soft Light mode 100%. Color Balance and Levels:


Final Results